In-House Facility

Titanium & Nickel mesh production:

Also we have in house facility to manufacture the nickel expanded mesh, which will be used for the repair and refurbishment of nickel cathodes.

Louvers for anode repair and rectification:

We have in-house facility for the production of anode Louvers for the repair and rectification of Membrane Anodes (UHDE BM2.7).


Highlight of the re-coating, we have our in-house facility to conduct the activation (precious metal oxide coating like ruthenium and iridium), it has been approved by M/s. TUV and M/s. Lloyds register.


Tiaano is having in its own refinery for preparing Metal Oxides from the precious metal sponge.

‘Zero Gap’ Retrofit of Cathode Element:

We undertake ‘Zero Gap Retrofit’ of all Chlor Alkali Cathode elements by using Nickel Mattress / Coil cushion and MMO activated (in-house) Flynet / Woven Mesh to improve the voltage efficiency.

Repair welding of electrode nozzles:

We have the in-built facility in our work shop for conducting Argon-Arc TIG welding of titanium and nickel elements.


We also importing and supplying the necessary Gaskets for cell house especially for Membrane Elements.

SEP Value Test:

The SEP Test is conducting to determine the coating activity. The single electrode potential (SEP) is measured to assure the quality of the coating in relation to the environment to which it will be operated.

Tig Welding
Tig Welding
Matress Welding
Due for Matress Welding
Zero Gap
‘Zero Gap’ Retrofit